Do you have a health insurance account at Kaiser Permanente? If yes, here are some tips to payment your monthly bill or how to discuses when you are facing billing problem. That’s all good as there is an ideal group health plan. Now the foundation is operating their quality of care in the nine states in USA. Their quality of care coverage area is North California, North West, Ohio, Georgia, Colorado, South California, and Mid Atlantic State, Hawaii. All people who related with Kaiser Permanente health plan can manage their account online as an account administrator such as bill pay, updating account information etc.


Kaiser Permanent Bill Payment Procedure;

Kaiser Permanent offer online bill payment with two ways such as onetime payment and make a payment schedule with first time payment. Kaiser permanent online payment feature are bellow.

  1. Kaiser permanent online bill payment is easy and convenient.
  2. 100% guarantee payment.
  3. User may able to manage payment schedule (Onetime payment and setup automatic payment schedule).
  4. Pay your bill in any where and any time. (24X7 online payment)
  5. Kaiser permanent accept Visa, MasterCard and Discover card.


You will need the following matters to payment your bill-

  1. Medical account number. (The account number are stay in your policy card or billing copy)
  2. Credit card information with 3 digit secure number.
  3. To first time registration need a valid email address.
  4. An internet connection PC.


If ready of your all essential information then you can follow the following instruction to payment your bill.

  1. Firstly visit the Kaiser permanent billing website. The website url is
  2. There are 3 options such as login, registration and onetime payment. Before choose the login option tick on what types of your account. There are 2 options (Individual/Family Plan Account and Employer Group Account).
  3. Put your email address and password and click on the “Login” button to login your account.
  4. After login your account click on the titled “Billing Functions” tab in top of the page of your account dashboard.
  5. In the next steps, click on the “Pay bill” link and put your credit card information in the next following screen to complete your payment process.

If you would like to payment the bill in other ways, such as pay via phone.  There is phone payment option where you pay easily with credit or debit card. To payment via phone you may through a call at-1-800-348-0264.

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February 7, 2012

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