A largest American wholesale retailer name is Costco. There are more than one fifty thousands full and part-time employees. If you are an employee of Costco you may login to manage Costco Paperless account. Costco is adopting the paperless pay systems to their employees to save time and money. Now the website is hosted by paperlesspay.talx.com.


Features of Costco Paycheck;

  1. Costco paycheck is a secure access website. Where you login your account without tension.
  2. User may online order to paycheck.
  3. Users are able to view their pay check online.
  4. It is the most important for save money and time.



Here are some security guidelines to save your account from hackers. It’s my personal direction, so you may follow the following instructions as your like.

  1. Don’t share your password with others and don’t use the browser security option of your computer.
  2. Change your password regularly.
  3. Don’t log in your account in multiple locations at a time.
  4.  After using your account, please log out.
  5. After login first time, please reset your password.


Current Login and Managing procedure of Costco paycheck website;

If you have Employer Code number then you may login Costco paperless pay website by using the following steps.

  1. Visit the Costco Paperless pay website. Current the web site is hosted by TALX. So no tension as its real website.
  2. Click on the titled “Click here to login” link to login your account in the screen shoot of Costco wholesale paperless pay login.
  3. Next steps; Put your Employee code number in recurred box and click on the titled “Continue” button.
  4. Finally, put your PIN number in the next screen to success fully login your account.
  5. After login your account, you may use all managing tools of your account dashboard. Such as order paycheck, view paycheck.


If you want to Costco others site such as Costco benefits, Costco pay card etc website. You may use My Other Site option in the top of Costco wholesale paperless pay login website home page. For more information please contact your up level in-charge or Supervisor. We hope the information is helpful to you.

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January 28, 2012

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May 14th, 2012


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